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Extended Care Products Inc. begins operation

Extended Care Products Inc. begins operation

Extended Care Products Inc., opened its doors in Johnson City, Tenn., and launched its new educational video, Setting Realistic Expectations.

The idea for the company came from the realization that there was a need to educate families and residents about the realities of life in an extended care facility during the admission process.

"There are companies that produce educational materials for staff," Chip Kessler, development manager, says. "But there were none that concentrated on helping staff assist families and residents in learning about living in a nursing home. Families and residents’ lives are the ones most affected by a move into a nursing home. They deserve to know what to expect and not expect, and most importantly why."

The company’s first product is a video, Setting Realistic Expectations, designed to help families and residents understand the changes associated with life in an extended care facility.

"Our industry trains social service staff, who typically double as admissions officers, to be positive. Because they understand that the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is difficult and very emotional, they can be so reassuring that they may raise unrealistic expectations in families’ minds."

"Our video is designed to do this very important and difficult job for them. It educates and informs, and frees the admissions officer to comfort the family and answer their questions," Kessler said. "Setting Realistic Expectations enables family members and the facility to become true partners in making sure the resident receives the best care possible."

Extended Care Products Inc., headquartered in Johnson City, Tenn., specializes in educational material that addresses issues specific to the long-term care industry.

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Chip Kessler, Development Manager at 1-800-807-4553


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