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State Health Care Associations Endorse New Video

State Health Care Associations endorse new video

State health care associations in Virginia and Louisiana have endorsed an innovative new video, Setting Realistic Expectations, produced by Extended Care Products.

“Setting Realistic Expectations helps residents and their families understand how a nursing home truly operates," Joseph Donchess, executive director of the Louisiana Nursing Home Association, said. “We strongly recommend our association members use the video as part of the admissions process.”

Depicting an authentic view of long-term care living, the video is designed to help reduce the risk of litigation for long-term care centers. Additionally, it is reducing nuisance complaints, according to administrators who are using the product.

“As the name states, the video truly sets realistic expectations for families with its straightforward nature,” Stephen Morrisette, president of the Virginia Health Care Association, said. “Nursing homes see a greater risk over things that routinely occur through no fault of their own. Setting Realistic Expectations goes a long way towards eliminating this situation.”

By explaining the difference between perception and reality, the video helps families understand the truth about what a facility can and cannot do. It explores the physical changes associated with aging, the relationship between resident and physician, financial realities, nutrition and hydration, the dynamics of group living versus private accommodations and emotional issues.

“Because we are caregivers, we tend to be overly protective when talking to potential residents and their families,” Chip Kessler, director of product development and distribution, said. “If we instill false expectations, we hurt our facilities and cause needless upset to our residents and their families.”

ECP recommends that a staff member, the family and, if feasible, the prospective resident watch the video together. The company also suggests providing a copy of the video to each family so they can view all or sections of it again and share it with other family members, so that they can understand what a resident may be going through.

“Stress affects all of us in different ways and admitting a family member to a facility is a stressful situation. We suggest giving them a copy of the video so they can refer to it if they have questions, if they’ve forgotten something or if another family member has concerns."

“The video is helping residents and their families be less surprised by the realities of group living. By promoting understanding, we hope to reduce frivolous litigation. If you avoid even one lawsuit, the savings will pay for a lifetime supply of this video,” Kessler said.

The video was designed in conjunction with ECP’s attorneys and is meant to be viewed as part of the admissions process.

Extended Care Products Inc., headquartered in Johnson City, Tenn., specializes in educational material that addresses issues specific to the long-term care industry.

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