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Extended Care Products Announces Personalized Video Programs at Cost.

Extended Care Products, Inc., the leader in nursing home and asisted living family educational-liability video programs is now offering personalized videos. And at cost.

"We are happy to offer our clients the opportunity to place their own mark to these programs," explains Chip Kessler, General Manager. "Now facilities and management companies alike can have their logo and a special voice-over opening and close added into any of our videos."

Extended Care Products is also providing this service with no mark-up.
"When a client wants something personalized like this, they've already decided to purchase several videos," says Kessler. "I couldn't in all good-faith then turn around and make an additional profit if they want to put in something that gives the video an extra special touch."

Thus what the production company charges for the open and close, and a logo will be passed on directly to the client, without any type of add-ons.

"Usually the cost runs around $300.00," Kessler explains. "And best of all, it's only a one-time charge because once it's done, the client then has their own personal master. Now, whenever they re-order, we just make their videos off this master."

Response has been very good to this service. "Again, we're just happy to give them the opportunity. Heck, we'll even write them up a personalized intoduction and a close if they wish."

Personalized opens, closes and logo additions are available on all Extended Care Products video program: Setting Realistic Expectations, Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities, and Care Plans: The Most Important Person. Please call toll-free 1-800-807-4553 for more information.


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