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More State Healthcare Associations, Including Florida, California, Louisiana, and South Dakota Endorse Care Plans: The Most Important Person

Several state healthcare associations, including the California Association of Healthcare Facilities (CAHF), the Louisiana Nursing Home Association (LNHA), the South Dakota Healthcare Association (SDHCA) and the Florida Healthcare Association (FHCA) have endorsed Care Plans: The Most Important Person and recommend its use to members. The 13-minute video program, developed and produced by Extended Care Products, Inc., the leader in family educational video programs, helps families and responsible parties better understand the joy of staying involved with their loved one in the nursing home. It educates on the care plan process, and how to become part of the long-term care facility's care plan team.

"We are thrilled that these important components of the long-term care community have all recognized the vital role families can play in the care of their loved one," says Chip Kessler, Development Manager of Extended Care Products. "Nursing home professionals look to their state association for guidance in helping them to do a better job. That these state associations have determined Care Plans: The Most Important person fills a key need is quite a compliment."

The video program is to be given to the family during the admissions process as the resident's initial care plan meeting is brought up. Family is encouraged to take the program home and watch to be better prepared for the first care plan session.

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