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Kentucky Assisted Living Facilities Association Features Setting Realistic Expectations in State-Wide Caregiver Workshop

The Kentucky Assisted Living Facilities Association (KALFA) recently featured the educational video program, Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities as part of a state-wide Caregiver workshop. The workshop, for KALFA members, was held in three locations, Louisville, Lexington and Gilbertsville. The video program, designed to educate families, responsible parties and tenants/residents on the daily aspects of life in the assisted living setting was used as part of a workshop seminar on "Giving Effective Customer Service."

"We have found in our initial use of the video program that it establishes a universal understanding that assisted living is not the end-all," states John Underwood, KALFA's Executive Director. "It is not the same as living at home. For example, there are designated meal times and predetermined activities. Residents sacrifice some choice by living in a communal setting, so it's very important for prospective clients to have a realistic understanding about assisted living services."

Because of its recognition of the video program's effectiveness, KALFA members are able to purchase copies of Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities at a discount. The program's developer, Extended Care Products, Inc. extends this same curtesy to members of all state healthcare associations that have recommended use of the company's family educational video programs.

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