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Your marketing challenge has never been more important, or tougher to do: get more new residents inside your nursing facility. The competition is as fierce as ever, what with your fellow nursing homes, assisted living communities and the ever-growing popularity of home healthcare options all vying for many of the same residents. It all adds up to being sharper and taking advantage of every opportunity to promote your building's care and services.

I've been paying close attention over the past few years to the ever-changing nursing facility census building scene, and the specific marketing challenges you're faced with. I've spoken with several nursing home executives and staff to get their concerns of what you're up against and how best to portray and position the very unique and special aspects of your care and services versus any other kind of healthcare venue. I then went to work, taking my 30+ years of marketing and communications experience to tackle the future of nursing home marketing in 2020 and beyond.

Now what about your own nursing facility?

My name is Chip Kessler, and during the last 15 years I've created over 20 staff training and development programs for the nursing facility sector focusing on customer service, risk management, crisis communications, and even one on the strategies needed to obtain free positive publicity in your local media for nursing homes. I'm also the author of two books on marketing: Making Them Believe (Morgan-James Publishing) and The No B.S. Guide to Marketing to Leading-Edge Seniors and Baby Boomers (Entrepreneur Press), and I've conducted facility marketing seminars as well.

Now I'm introducing my new nursing facility marketing program to help your building attract every potential new resident out there in your region and community

How Mastering the Skills and Strategies Needed to
Successfully Market Your Nursing Facility are
Much Easier Than You Think

I've titled my DVD program "Marketing Magic for Nursing Facilities" and if you're familiar at all with the world of magic, you know that magic tricks in and of themselves are quite basic in their solution, the secret however, is in the "presentation" because this is what makes a magician great- how he or she presents the magic trick. And so it is with my marketing magic DVD system as the strategies presented have been personally tested, reviewed and re-tested, and are all proven, successful tips and techniques for getting and keeping your beds filled! Best of all, there's no trickery involved, just winning ideas and direction to make 2020 your best year yet!

The cornerstone of this program is my DVD program: How to Turn Your Facility into a Destination Spot Second to None and Get More New Residents. Let me ask: have you ever thought of your nursing facility as a "destination" spot, a place that folks want to go to, or do you look at your building as just another healthcare venue? In this DVD presentation, I use as our model the fabulous Walt Disney World and pinpoint several strategies that this wonderful "destination location" employs which you can turn right around and use for your own benefit to make your facility a super-attractive caregiving scene. Some of what I cover includes:

  • The Powerful Secrets that Makes Walt Disney World so Appealing to People and How Your Nursing Facility Can Tap into This Very Same Magnetic Formula to Get More New Residents
  • Easy-to-Do Steps You Can Immediately Begin Taking Which Will Set Your Nursing Facility Apart From All of Your Competition (fellow nursing homes, assisted living centers, even home healthcare choices)
  • Strategies for Forging Even Closer Relationships with Key Referral Sources Like Local Hospital Discharge Planners and Physicians, etc.
  • How to Take Advantage of Any Number of Free Advertising and Marketing Opportunities in Your Local Media (Newspapers/Print & On-Line, Radio and Television)
  • And Much More!

Watch some sample footage here:

"Chip Kessler possesses a gold-mine of knowledge when it comes to marketing nursing home services to the general population. I've read both of his books and even invested in some of his customer service and marketing programs in the past, all of which have been invaluable to our staff. There's no one I trust more to help us bring in more residents than this man."
Edgar Weiss, Administrator, Shady Oak Health Care Center, York, NE

After watching this DVD, your mind will be raring to go as you'll be filled with any number of ideas and the desire to implement them, ideas geared towards making your facility the "go-to building" in your region and community!

Plus there's more DVD #2: Presenting "The Secret Sauce": In this day and age, nursing facilities looking to bring in every potential new resident cannot leave any stone unturned. Have you ever considered the role rehabilitation therapy services can play in making your building much more of an attractive caregiving option to both long and short-term residents? Whether you have, or at this point haven't, you can't afford to miss my exclusive interview presentation with Sheila Capitosti, David Higdon and Cherrie Rowell, all experts in this important census building area. Here you'll learn:

  • The Important Role Rehab Therapy Services Plays in Making Your Nursing Facility a Much More Appealing Option Versus Other Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities (many of which don't offer these services), and of course Home Healthcare Choices
  • How To Properly Promote and Market Rehab Therapy Services to Key Referral Partners as well as Your Region's General Population
  • The Expanding Role of Accountable Care Organizations (in this time of Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act) and How Rehab Therapy Plays an Important Function in the Changing Healthcare Landscape. This is must viewing for all nursing facilities to be best prepared for the future!
  • Additional tips for Marketing Your Building's Rehab Therapy Services versus Exclusive Rehabilitation Venues in Your Area
  • And Much More!

WARNING: Those nursing facilities which are not properly promoting rehabilitation therapy services run the risk of being left in the dust in attracting every potential new resident. I can't state it any more clearly than this! That's why I wanted to make a DVD on the benefits of this type of service (and how to expertly market it) part of The Marketing Magic program because it's that important for your building's future survival.

Special Added Attraction- DVD #3 "Giving It All That You've Got: The New World of Getting More New Nursing Facility Residents": I'm pleased to be joined in this presentation by Vicki Flatt, one of our nation's leading authorities on developing and maintaining strong relationships with important local referral partners such as hospital discharge planners, physicians, and other key sources. Ms. Flatt is a former executive with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and presently consults for a number of nursing facilities in the southeastern United States. Her specialty includes helping her clients obtain referrals and developing relationships with managed care and third-party payment providers all "must haves" as well for your facility's census building efforts! In this DVD you'll discover:

  • Why referrals are much harder to get these days and what your facility must do to keep getting them
  • Tips for making it easy for essential referral partners to select your building over the competition
  • How best to deal with the growing popularity of at-home healthcare choices to build and maintain a strong census
  • Steps to take to make your nursing facility an attractive partner for managed care and third-party payment providers (and things to do to keep these relationships productive after your secure them)
  • And much more!

Now more than ever before, your facility must be a super-attractive option for every potential new resident (and his or her family). No one understands this more than Ms. Vicki Flatt in her day-to-day dealings with her nursing home consulting clients. Now you can benefit from her guidance and expertise in this DVD program.

Extra Super-Special Audio CD - It was my pleasure several years ago to become familiar with and meet Dan Kennedy. He is without-a-doubt this nation's (and the world's for that matter) #1 marketing authority and I don't use this term loosely. Mr. Kennedy's the author of over a dozen books on marketing (two of which I'm proud to have co-authored with him) and has personally developed more strategic marketing programs for businesses-at-large than any single person living. For several years, Dan toured the nation as one of the featured speakers on a very successful business, motivational and marketing national seminar series. Among the distinguished ladies and gentlemen who were Kennedy's co-speakers were former Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, business superstars Donald Trump and Debbi Fields (founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies), historic military figures General Norman Schwarzkopf and General Colin Powell, giants from the entertainment world such as Larry King and Christopher Reeve, and leading figures from the sports world like Superbowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson and World Series champion manager Tommy Lasorda.

Dan Kennedy's responsible for helping more businesses and companies become successful than any single marketing consultant walking the earth! In fact, if you wanted to have him work on your nursing facility's marketing efforts, you can engage Dan's services at the price tag of $18,000 per consulting day I kid you not! However you won't have to pay this fee, nor anything close because for the first time, Mr. Kennedy brings his marketing expertise to the nursing home environment in our CD program, Dan Kennedy: The Marketing Master At-Large. Among these topics we discuss in this far ranging interview are:

  • The Role Trust Plays (with the public) In Marketing Your Nursing Facility's Care and Services to Get More New Residents
  • How to Successfully Market What You Have to Offer to Baby Boomers and Seniors (the very subject of Dan's and my latest marketing book)
  • The Most Effective Means to Use Testimonials From Satisfied Residents and Families in Your Marketing
  • Why at the Very Core, Successfully Marketing Your Nursing Facility is No Different Than the Marketing Principles any Thriving Business Employs
  • And Much More!

"Dan Kennedy's strategies have transformed my business in phenomenal ways. I've learned to take back control of my life, make better and more productive use of my time, and build an ‘iron cage' around my best clients through newsletters and other tools. Anytime Dan Kennedy speaks; I listen."
Christi Dennard, Tyler, TX

I cannot emphasize enough the value this CD brings! Dan Kennedy can turn average marketers into good ones and good marketers into great ones. Why not join those from around the world that have benefited from his guidance and direction, and best of all you don't pay $18,000 for his time, or even $1,800 or $800.00 for that matter, because this audio CD is part of this package.

Who Else Wants to Take the Next Step and Become
The Marketing Star He or She's Meant to Be
(and help your nursing facility in the process)

There has never been anything like The Marketing Magic System available to the nursing facility profession before! With its wealth of information and direction, you can't help becoming a more seasoned and savvy marketer of your building's care and services and help fill your beds in the process!

This package (Three DVDs and Dan Kennedy's audio CD) is usually available at three payments of $159.95 and quite frankly is worth much more than this listed value! However for a very limited time we are discounting your investment 30% and making The Marketing Magic program available for three payments of $119.95 each. Plus for a very limited time you can save an additional $60.00 (and a grand total of 40%) and make a one-time investment of $299.95 plus you'll receive a full 30 days to review the material to make sure it's right for you. If not satisfied, then please return it and receive a cheerful refund. What could be fairer! Plus you may keep the Dan Kennedy CD for your time and effort.

And when you respond you'll receive the following four free bonus gifts:

  • Free Bonus Gift #1: We pay your shipping and handling expenses, an additional savings of $25.00
  • Free Bonus Gift #2: The audio CD: "Your New Best Friend: How Eldercare Attorneys Can Help Drive More New Residents to Your Building." What if I told you about a mostly untapped resource for getting more referrals for your facility, would you be interested? I invite you to join me as I speak with nationally known eldercare law attorney Julie Steinbacher (who happens to be a former nursing home social worker) as we explore this often underdeveloped opportunity for getting more new residents through your doors. As you may know, eldercare law attorneys work closely with individuals and families in a number of areas, chief among them is helping to counsel on caregiving decisions for those people in need. Sound like an opportunity to further promote what your nursing facility has to offer? In this program, you'll discover:
  • Why eldercare law attorneys have so much influence in guiding individuals and families in their healthcare options and decisions
  • How it's in your best interest to develop and maintain strong relationships with eldercare law attorneys, and tips for achieving this goal
  • What kind of information eldercare law attorneys need to get from you and your facility to properly promote your care and services
  • A surprising truth as to why most people don't know the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home, and why you need to change this fact to get more new residents
  • And much more!

Join eldercare law attorney Julie Steinbacher with me Chip Kessler as we peel back the curtain on this lucrative referral source which can help push your census to new heights and receive key information that your competition doesn't have! This audio CD could easily be sold as its own separate program for $99.95 however it's yours as part of The Marketing Magic System.

  • Free Bonus Gift #3: My Official Marketing Magic for Nursing Facilities Study Guide. This reference resource gives you any number of census building and marketing techniques in this handy guide to keep at your fingertips and review over and over again. Consider it your A to Z blueprint for attracting new families and residents and is a nuts and bolts tool that will give your facility a decided edge versus every healthcare competitor in your region. This study guide is a $59.95 value and is my gift to you.
  • Free Bonus Gift #4: I earlier referenced Dan Kennedy's and my brand new book The No B.S. Guide to Marketing to Leading-Edge Seniors and Baby Boomers, which is available at leading booksellers nationwide such as Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and Amazon.com. However I want to send you a copy of this book (which includes my detailed chapter on marketing healthcare facilities just like yours). This book retails for $17.95 however you won't be paying this (as much as Dan and I would like you to) because I'm going to include a copy with my compliments when you receive The Marketing Magic System.

In all that's $202.85 in free bonus gifts with your investment!

A SPECIAL MESSAGE: If you've hung with me this far, I have to think I've at least peaked your interest and curiosity about what The Marketing Magic System can do for your nursing facility. Fair enough, however it's not only your interest I'm after, it's bringing you more new residents!

Ask yourself this question: what if I bypass this very special opportunity, and miss out on getting the one or two or six or seven or ten fabulous ideas that mean added residents coming to stay with me? As you wander down your halls and look in various resident's rooms and see empty beds, how are you going to feel knowing that receiving The Marketing Magic System would've made a difference, and you didn't act when you could've received this program at special limited time savings (as much as 40% off the regular investment) plus our package of free bonus offerings that go with it. To be frank, this discounted investment isn't going to last very long because the value of what you're receiving for only three payments of $119.95 or a single investment of $299.95 (along with the bonus gifts) doesn't make economic sense, so it's being done with a very short window of opportunity. Failing to act in a prudent fashion and coming back to this page, even in the near future, could very well see your investment at it's normal three payments of $159.95 each, plus $25.00 for shipping and handling along with getting the Julie Steinbacher CD program for an additional $99.95, plus my Marketing Magic for Nursing Facilities Study Guide at $59.95, and Dan Kennedy's and my book at $17.95 for a full retail grand total of $682.70. Accordingly the choice is yours: invest $119.95 on three easy payments or a single investment of $299.95 for this package (plus have a full 30 days to review it and if not satisfied return it for a cheerful refund and keep the Dan Kennedy CD) or pay $682.70 (if not more because the Dan Kennedy CD is worth hundreds of dollars alone) in the very near future.

In closing, life is full of choices and regrets over actions we should've taken and did not. It's one of these occasions now for you.



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