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The Nursing Home Defense Kit

Three of our nation's leading legal, risk management, and communications professionals: nursing home defense attorney Rebecca Adelman, President of Pendulum Ric Henry, and Chip Kessler of Extended Care Products are now joined by nursing facility defense attorney Laura Woods in this informative and enlightening DVD, audio CD, and Study Guide presentation.  Finally, you're given the tools and techniques necessary to arm your building against overzealous plaintiff lawyers and misguided families wishing to potentially sue you

As the saying goes: "the best defense is a good offense."  Nowhere is this truer than in nursing facility care where staff and employees sometimes need assistance in working with families (and residents) to prevent the kinds of misunderstandings and anger that often lead to potential lawsuits.

The Nursing Home Defense Kit has been revised and now includes a breakthrough DVD program as well as three information-paced audio CDs and detailed study guide, all designed to give you practical, down-to-earth, hands-on guidance and direction you can put right to use!

In this package, you'll receive:

All-new DVD "The Ten Major Causes of Nursing Facility Lawsuits"- Join noted nursing home defense attorney Laura Woods as she breaks down ten critical reasons nursing homes are sued, and what you can do to potentially prevent lawsuits from striking your building.  In Ms. Woods point-by-point review, you'll discover:

  • A Major Mistake Your Facility May Be Doing Right Now From the Get-Go which Can Set You Up for a Lawsuit (and how to correct this)
  • Why Nursing Homes in General are Prime Targets for Litigation
  • How Your Very Own Marketing Can Cause You to Get Sued
  • The Danger of Believing That Lawsuits Only Happen to Other Facilities
  • And Much More

Please Click Below to Watch Some Sample Footage of This New and Innovative DVD

There's no question that after watching this DVD, you, and your fellow staff members and employees, will be better equipped to avoid potential litigation from ever seeing the light of day towards your facility!

"Laura Woods is superb in her ability to explain how nursing homes can take practical steps to prevent possible lawsuits.  Every facility can benefit from her sound advice and counsel."
Lisa Gray, Director of Risk Management, Care Centers Management Consulting,
Johnson City, TN

Plus with The Nursing Home Defense Kit you also get:

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CD# 1: The Top Ten Reasons Nursing Homes Are Sued
Join veteran nursing home communications professional Chip Kessler as he guides you through the ten major causes of long-term care litigation facing nursing homes and nursing home professionals in this day and age. Included in the discussion:

  • Why Without Even Realizing It, You're Often Asking to Be Sued
  • How Your Best of Intentions Can Work Against You
  • Where Your Marketing Efforts Can Sometimes Backfire on You

CD# 2: How To Potentially Prevent Litigation Against Your Facility
Attorneys suing nursing homes don't like to see Rebecca Adelman on the defense side. Now this long-term care defense attorney goes to work for you as she arms your facility with the kinds of tips and techniques plaintiffs' attorneys DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT:

  • Why Nursing Homes Remain Such a Big Target For Lawsuits
  • What Are Some Things Facilities Can Do to Prevent Being Sued
  • How The Media is Working Against You and What You Can Do About It

CD# 3: What Every Long-Term Care Professional Needs to Know About Lawsuits
Former Nursing Home Administrator turned Long-Term Care Risk Management expert Ric Henry delivers a powerful presentation that every nursing home employee needs to hear! Mr. Henry is President of LTC Alliance a national risk management company with several years experience assisting nursing home professionals just like you. Ric tells you:

  • Where Facilities Often Miss The Mark With Their Families
  • Why It's Important to Do Everything Possible to Have Satisfied Families
  • How Guilt Works Against Both You and Your Nursing Facility

The Top Ten Reasons Nursing Homes Are Sued Workbook- Here you get, in writing, this handy reference tool to review whenever you like. Over 20 pages of the very causes and foundation for lawsuits. Like the Audio CD's, you'll want as many employees in your nursing home as possible to review this important resource.

"My staff and I were very impressed with this package. It contains the kind of information that you can immediately put to good use. I know that it will make a positive difference in the life of our nursing home.
Jeffrey Scott, Administrator,
Sweetwater Nursing Center, Sweetwater, TN

Regularly listed at $299.95, The Nursing Home Defense Kit is yours at the special price of $239.95, a saving of 20% off the retail price. Plus we pay your shipping and handling charges. As always, take a full 30 days to review the materials and if not satisfied return them and owe us no money!

Extended Care Products, Inc. is pleased to bring to you two of our nation's outstanding nursing home defense attorneys Rebecca Adelman and Laura Woods, a leading long-term care risk management professional Ric Henry, and communications specialist Chip Kessler in this breakthrough presentation for the LTC profession.



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