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Cyber Attack!
How to Protect Your Residents' and Facility's Private Information in These Challenging Times

You hear and read about it with alarming frequency-sensitive, classified data has been stolen and with it peoples' lives are turned upside down! It's happened in government, in banking ... and in healthcare - here it could be resident identity theft, facility financial information stolen, or some other horror!

At this very moment, how safe is your nursing or assisted living facility's stored data? Is residents' personal medical information, social security numbers, financial information, and other critically important data at risk? Do you accept credit card payments for services - how secure are payers' stored credit card numbers in your system?

FYI: your facility will be sued if a resident's identity is stolen, or a family's credit card number falls prey to a hacker because your building's negligence. What about the facility's information on file (i.e. bank account numbers, other classified data); is it vulnerable to today's ultra-sophisticated and savvy hackers?

Extended Care Products, the leader in nursing and assisted living discovery education, presents a power-packed program for the times we live! You may have IT help; however how well versed are they safeguarding classified data within your system? You may have firewalls, but is this enough?

WARNING: it's not only resident, family, and facility data at risk. Hackers have been able to compromise a building's power grid for example. Imagine being without electricity (or any backup protocols) because your system's been invaded. Will your most infirmed residents suffer? Indeed, in the times we live, your facility needs to take every cyber security precaution to insure hackers and criminals are locked out!

In this discovery package you'll get our keynote DVD presentation:

"How to Safeguard Sensitive Data." Our nation's foremost nursing and assisted living facility cyber security expert Ricky Smith brings you details you must know to combat the real, on-going threat all healthcare entities now face. Mr. Smith is President of Innovative Business Technologies, and is a noted innovator of cutting-edge tactics and strategies in today's war against cyber security criminals. Ricky Smith has personally worked with healthcare facilities through the USA to safeguard them against those bent on stealing residents' identities, family and business credit card numbers, and other classified data. In this presentation you'll discover:

  • Why many in the healthcare profession falsely believe their facility is protected, and the real, present dangers this myth brings
  • Things your staff could be doing at this very moment, which are breeding grounds for giving hackers a free-pass inside your building's computer system - THIS IS MUST VIEWING FOR ALL STAFF
  • Tricks hackers use, and how to best combat these threats
  • Key areas of your facility's cyber security you must pay constant attention to
  • And much more


Do you want the peace-of-mind that comes when knowing you've taken positive steps to protect residents' health, financial, and other personal data ... along with highly sensitive facility business information? If so, then Ricky Smith's video presentation is must watching, not only for facility's executive staff but all staff members. Plus you'll want to make sure all new employees watch this program too, as part of their orientation process.

DVD #2: Earning Your "A" for Action:  Cyber Attacks are just one of many potential threats and dangers nursing and assisted living facilities face these days. In addition, a crisis can occur due to case of alleged abuse or negligence against a resident ... a fire in your building ... a flood ... or a natural disaster - all of which can place your building in the news for some unwanted and damaging negative publicity. The question is: how will you deal with it? Will your response to staff, residents, families, local authorities, reporters, and the general public actually make things worse, or will you come away looking strong and secure on how issues are addressed and handled? The choice is yours. FYI: speaking with the aforementioned groups isn't a "one-size-fits-all" proposition. There are specific strategies you must use to convey just the right message. Join veteran nursing and assisted living facility communications pro Chip Kessler in this step-by-step presentation designed to give you practical guidance and expert direction. In this DVD, you'll discover the correct approach and tone to take with each targeted group. After watching, you'll learn how to best position your nursing or assisted living facility to survive any crisis, and thrive in the future. Among the presentation's highlights:

  • Why it's vitally important to select a main spokesperson for your building, and who the best candidate is
  • What every sound crisis management and communication plan must feature to achieve maximum success
  • The TWO WORDS which doom any type of crisis response, and why
  • Pinpoint communications strategies to assure staff, families, residents, and other key groups that your assisted living or nursing facility is in full control of the crisis situation at-hand
  • And much more


This program is the perfect complement to Ricky Smith's presentation. Together these DVDs make a powerful one-two punch in your cyber security and crisis management arsenal.

Respond now and for a limited time get this DVD package at the discounted investment of $239.97, a 30% savings off the regular $309.97 outlay. Plus, as part of this package you'll receive the following three free bonus gifts:

Free Bonus Gift #1: We pay your shipping and handling expenses, a $35.00 value

Free Bonus Gift #2: You get a second copy of Rick Smith's DVD program to use with staff, and have for future reference, a $99.97 value

Free Bonus Gift #3: A certificate for a personal one-hour telephone crisis management and communications consultation/strategy session with Chip Kessler. Chip usually charges $150.00 for such sessions, but is making this available to those who invest in this Cyber Security program.

Together these three bonus gifts are worth $284.97, which is almost as much as the entire retail amount of this Cyber Security package. Plus the value of the bonuses exceed what you'll now invest ($239.97) with your 30% discount!

SPECIAL "NO-QUESTIONS ASKED" RISK-FREE REVIEW: Bring this Cyber Security package into your building, and take a full 45 days from the time it arrives to give it a full and thorough review. If at any time during this period you become dissatisfied, then return it and owe us nothing. We won't even ask why you're returning it!

Act now to take advantage of limited time special savings, and invest in this much needed Cyber Security package for your facility to combat the troubled times we now live through.



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