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Introducing the Extended Care Products Telephone On-Hold Voice Messaging Program
"Want To Do All You Can To Market Your Facility?"

When people call your nursing or assisted living facility, and are placed on hold or transferred, what do they hear playing over your telephone system:

  • A local radio station
  • Elevator-type music (that might put them to sleep)
  • Or worse - dead air, as in complete silence

If your answer is any of the above, then you're missing out on a golden opportunity to promote the care and services your facility's providing. You've been missing out, until now!

Extended Care Products, Inc. has teamed up with the nation's leading producer of telephone on-hold voices messages.  The result: your chance to tell people about what makes your facility so special to a captive audience, waiting to speak with someone.

We will write your facility's personalized on hold voice messages for your review before our production studio records them over a lively music bed for your listeners' enjoyment.  You'll receive six on-hold messages, each lasting approximately 30 seconds, which will rotate one to the next.    Now folks waiting to speak with their intended party will not only be entertained but informed about what makes your facility great!

Ask yourself this question: what's better to have a prospective new family member, important person in your community, or key business associate listening to while on hold:

  • A local radio station's disc jockey blathering on about Madonna's latest love interest
  • Or music so bland that it makes their eyelids heavy
  • Or utter silence
  • Or how about upbeat conversation about WHAT YOUR FACILITY has to offer complete with the kind of music underneath that makes people sit up and take notice

You can choose from any of the following types of music to play underneath your messages:

  • Jazz
  • Easy Listening
  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Big Band

Your investment for the Extended Care Products Telephone On-Hold Voice Messaging Program, which includes six personally written messages, recorded on a flash drive plus an easy to install (into your telephone system) operator's box is at $750.00, a savings of 20% over the regular investment $900.00.

Plus we will pay your shipping and handling charges, a savings of $35.00.

SPECIAL FREE BONUS GIFT: With your order, you'll also get a second personalized series of six telephone on-hold messages, written for your building and submitted for your review before recorded.  These messages will have a special end-of-the-year holiday themed offering, complete with seasonal messages and seasonal themed music to play over your telephone system in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and through the New Year. Now everyone calling your facility will be transported into the "spirit of the season " while discovering more about how great your building is for its residents and families.  This is a $600.00 value and is yours with our very best wishes.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the personalized nature of these telephone messages we are offering this program to only one nursing or assisted living facility in a geographic location.  In other words, your competition in your region won't be able to get from us what you have in order to promote their care and services! This is an exclusive offering from us to you ... you tell us what zip codes in your area you want to shut out and it's done!

Don't miss out only to discover that your building can't participate because another nursing or assisted living facility in your region and community beat you to the punch! Request the Extended Care Products Telephone On-Hold Voice Messaging Program today.



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