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The Nursing Home Customer Service Survival Kit DVD Program

It's a jungle out there! Is your nursing facility's staff ready to survive and thrive?

Extended Care Products knows you're always on the go when you work in a nursing facility. There's no such thing as a slow day - first and foremost on everyone's "to do list" is making sure you're meeting the needs of your residents and families in such a way that they realize you and your fellow staff members have your customers' best interests at heart.

This means your customer service skills must be at a very high level. The choice is yours: happy and satisfied residents and families who brag on your building's wonderful staff ... or residents and families that can make your job much more difficult because they believe your facility employs uncaring people who just go through the motions.

Join noted customer service and communications expert Chip Kessler as he brings you a fun, lively and informative look at nursing facility customer service and how to be better than ever at this most important talent. Chip's customer service DVD presentation titled "Know Your Role" gives you specific step-by-step tips, techniques and strategies which makes nursing facility customer service an enjoyable experience for you.

After watching, you can't help but improve your customer service skills!

Chip breaks down nursing facility customer service into four parts:

  • Your residents and families
  • Teamwork
  • The Eye Test
  • How to Make Little Things Turn Into Big Results


Watch some sample video footage here with Chip from the segment on teamwork:

Filmed live at an actual nursing facility, each segment of the "Know Your Role" DVD is chock-full of information you and your fellow staff members can put to work today with your residents and families (as well as any prospective new families and residents who visit your building for more information and a tour).

Among the subject covered in the DVD include:

  • How to make sure your nursing facility's operating like a well-oiled machine
  • Why you already possess the key for dealing with demanding residents & families
  • The one thing to avoid that dooms your customer service efforts from the start
  • Why you can never give-in to having a "bad day"
  • Tips for working well with your fellow staff members
  • How working in a nursing facility is similar to being a professional ballplayer
  • Why poor customer service can lead to lawsuits
  • Your communication skills tutorial
  • The three things in your building that even the best customer service can't overcome
  • And much more!

Plus within this presentation: Know Your Role Brain Teasers . . . Visual Aids . . . and . . . the short yet dramatic presentation of "The Adventures of the Lonely Man!"

"Finally, a customer service program that's both fun to watch and provides down to earth direction on this most important subject. I loved the brain teasers and while The Adventures of the Lonely Man had a serious meaning, I liked how you made your point with a humorous touch."
Donna Farnsworth, Director of Nursing, Stillwaters Health and Rehab, Ludington, MI

DVD #2: Stress Management Training for Nursing Facility Staff and Employees: Join noted doctor of clinical psychology Dr. Jon Ellis, Ph.D. as he presents valuable instruction, lessons and exercises to help you deal with and overcome the tension and anxiety that come with your job.  As you well know, working in a nursing facility comes with its own set of challenges, and with these challenges comes the pressure to do your very best, often under trying and demanding circumstances. Dr. Ellis has years of experience working in the nursing facility environment, and he brings his unique understanding of the people who work there and the responsibilities you face in this presentation. In this DVD, you'll discover:

  • How to cope with the pressures of needing to be at your most efficient for your residents and families at all times
  • Expert relaxation techniques that refresh you both mentally and physically while on the job
  • The emotional benefits that come with working in a nursing facility where the staff makes an effort to get along, and promotes helping each other to succeed
  • Needed boosters for your self-confidence to make you even more effective in your daily performance
  • And much more!

Watch some sample video footage here with Dr. Ellis:

There has never been anything like this DVD offered to the nursing facility industry. Yet it is a much needed program to help our nursing home caregivers, staff and employees survive and thrive in the most demanding of professions- caring for those who can no longer completely care for themselves and their sometimes demanding families! Once you and your fellow staff members have watched Dr. Ellis' interview, you won't help but feel both mentally and physically refreshed!

Plus as an added special value, you'll get an action document listing all of the high points in Dr. Ellis' stress management presentation. Make as many copies of this document as you want and distribute to your fellow staff members to use as a handy guide for a quick pick-me-up whenever and wherever they like.

"This program breaks new ground for information and attention to detail on nursing home customer service. I could sense a new found spirit of excitement and enthusiasm among those staff members that watched the DVDs. It was as if a light had gone off inside their heads because people that know about what we go through were talking our language in this presenation."
Hughes Ash, Administrator, Christian Care Center of Kuttawa County, Kuttawa, KY

CD# 1: Why Effective Customer Service Helps Prevent Lawsuits Against Your Nursing Facility. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it: your building's outstanding customer service is a major factor in preventing lawsuits, while poor customer service fires up families to visit a trial attorney for potential litigation against your facility. Join nationally known and respected nursing home defense attorney Rebecca Adelman in this special interview which addresses the need for expert customer service in this time of continued litigation against nursing homes. In this program, Ms. Adelman shares:

  • Why bad customer service creates the opening trial attorneys are looking for to sue you
  • Things you and your fellow staff members need to be doing today customer service-wise to stop lawsuits dead in their tracks
  • Why nursing facility customer service is viewed and judged differently than hospital customer service, doctor's office customer service, and customer service in the business world
  • And much more!

The Customer Service Survival Kit is based on our many years in the nursing facility profession! Our background includes prior ownership/management of nursing homes for over 20 years. Today we still serve as active consultants for a select few facilities, so we know the importance of great customer service, and how to help folks like you deliver it!

The Customer Service Survival Kit retails for three payments of $159.95 however for a very limited time we are making this revolutionary staff development and training program available at a 20% discount for three easy monthly payments of $129.95 each. As well, you can save an additional 20% (and now get a whopping total of 40% off) and make a one-time investment of $269.95.

Act Now and Get These Five Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1: We'll pay your shipping and handling expenses, a $25.00 value, no matter if your nursing facility is in Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Maine and anywhere else in between!

Bonus #2: "The Story of Reva, The Restless Resident". This small booklet carries a big wallop! You and your fellow staff members will take to heart this little customer service tale because it drives home the point of how every resident's needs are important, and why he or she's depending on you to provide outstanding care. As the saying goes, "a picture's worth a thousand words" and you'll see why in this very special presentation. You'll receive three copies of the booklet to share with your staff.

Bonus #3: Four exclusive Customer Service Survival Kit posters. Created to invigorate and motivate, these posters are laminated and designed to be placed around your nursing facility to: a) get and keep staff's morale high to be even more productive and: b) proudly display so that your residents and families can see your building's super-charged commitment to provide better customer service!

Bonus #4: A special 30-minute telephone consultation with Chip Kessler on your most pressing customer service/resident/family challenges. This can be a one-on-one call, or with as many of your staff on-the-line as you like. Mr. Kessler brings over 30 years of communications and customer service experience to the table, the last 10 of which have been specifically in the nursing facility profession. He is the author of two books, has spoken at several state healthcare association conferences on customer service, has been a contributor for several nursing home publications including McKnight's Long-Term Care News, and also writes a monthly column for the newsletter LTC Professional. If you have a customer service or resident/family challenge or challenges, Chip Kessler is the man to help your facility work your way through it!

Bonus #5: New for 2020 - The Special DVD Presentation: "The P.R.I.D.E. Factor." Join nationally known author, speaker, and nursing facility staff development/training program creator Chip Kessler as he delivers your marching orders to meet and beat any challenge you face (and will face) in the nursing facility environment.  Quite frankly, this will be one of the most important messages you'll see and hear in your professional lifetime, whether you're someone that enjoys being uplifted and inspired or have never gotten much from being personally motivated in the past.  Look at it this way, the demands of working in a nursing facility have never been tougher and because of this you and your fellow staff members need a boost to meet your daily challenges. In this empowering DVD you'll discover:

  • What the P.R.I.D.E. Factor is and what it stands for
  • How to best put the P.R.I.D.E. Factor to work for you, your fellow staff members, and your nursing facility
  • Why failing to use this system will make it much more difficult for you and your building to succeed in the fast-changing nursing facility landscape of 2020 and beyond
  • And much more!

We're pleased to add this enlightening DVD program (which is valued at $99.95 if sold separately) as part of The Nursing Facility Customer Service Survival Kit.

Why Your Nursing Facility Staff Customer Service Has Never Been More Important

At this time of increased competition for new residents, and rate cuts which have affected many nursing facilities, there's no doubt that your building's customer service has taken on an even greater meaning. Quite frankly, your customer service will make or break your facility's reputation in your region and community. Let's face it, when all is said and done, the two things that separate your nursing facility from all of the rest is:

  • The people that work inside your building
  • The kind of customer service your building's staff delivers

Today, right now, how is your customer service? If it's not where you think it needs to be, then The Customer Service Survival Kit is the answer! And even if your facility's customer service is good, why not make it great! The Customer Service Survival Kit will make a positive difference for your staff, residents and families.




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