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MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success

The MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success will make a positive difference for your nursing facility.

Developed by noted MDS-RUG expert and PPS Alert Publication contributor Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success takes your understanding of the dramatic upcoming changes to the MDS and RUG landscape to an even higher level.  You’ll discover how to directly implement these changes with 90 pages of material in two workbooks (featuring practical tools you can use) plus a one-hour instructional DVD all designed to make you hit the ground running when the CMS final rule becomes reality within the next few months.

The first workbook (52 pgs.) features ten specific issues to review that are Must Learning for anyone interested in becoming more MDS 3.0 and RUG IV savvy:

Issue 1: ADL Adjustments

Issue 2: The “Look Back” Period

Issue 3: The RUG IV Classification Period

Issue 4: Case Mix Development

Issue 5: The Administrative Presumption

Issue 6: The MDS 3.0 Tool

Issue 7: Care Area Triggers (CAT’s)

Issue 8: MDS 3.0 Submission Requirements

Issues 9 & 10: Section T and the OMRA

The second MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success workbook (38 pgs.) features several practical tools designed to assist you with the execution of this material including:

  • An ADL scoring table that will help you gain insight into the impact the ADL scoring changes may have on your bottom line
  • The Part A Continued Stay Skill Level of Care Review form designed to help you enhance Medicare Part A utilization by making informed decisions about when its appropriate to continue to provide skilled care
  • The Automated PPS Scheduling Tool which takes the guess work out of preparing and maintaining correct PPS MDS completion schedules including the new OMRA requirements
  • ADL scoring tools
  • Restorative Documentation Tool
  • And much more!

In addition, you receive a 70-minute DVD (broken down into individual segments) where Joel presents thought provoking discussion and practical strategies for successfully navigating the changing MDS and RUG environment. Topics covered in the DVD include:

  • How to adjust to the ADL Scoring Tables
  • Navigating the elimination of the hospital look back period
  • How to adapt to the changes to the RUG-IV classification system
  • How case mix development will affect your bottom line
  • Working within the Administrative Presumption
  • Thoughts on the MDS 3.0 tool
  • Understanding RAP’s to CAT’s
  • Reminders of the new MDS submission requirements
  • Understandings the new OMRA’s
  • And much more!
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“You can’t beat the information you receive from Mr. VanEaton.  Our facility has recently begun using his material and there’s no question it’s made our building much more efficient and our staff better able to do their jobs.”
Mark Hill, Administrator, Christian Care Center of Kuttawa, Kuttawa, KY

The MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success program is $329.95, however for a limited time you may receive it at 25% savings and invest only $249.95.

You’ll also receive the following three free bonus gifts:

  • We’ll pay the cost of your shipping and handling, a $25.00 value.
  • An exclusive e-mail or telephone consultation with MDS and RUG expert Joel VanEaton to discuss any particular questions and challenges you may have.  Joel regularly charges $100.00 for such consultations but is happy to make his time available to you.
  • Clients only entrance to our special MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success web site, which includes the two workbooks outlined above plus an "exclusive" interactive Excel Spreadsheet ADL table for your use. Here you may key in numbers to gain vital information at your fingertips. We could easily charge an additional fee of $99.95 for use of this private web site however your fee is paid in full by us when you receive the MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success Program.

In all, that’s $224.95 in free bonus gifts when you receive the MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success program!

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you wish to get both the MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success program along with the It’s Time to Get Going with MDS 3.0 and RUG IV program (available as well on this web site and at the discounted price of $249.95) you may receive each for the special combo investment of $399.00 (regularly both programs combined are $499.90) an additional savings of $100.00.  Please order each and we’ll send you back an e-mail confirmation complete with your combo pricing discount listed.

Get up-to-speed in no time flat and maximize your chances for success with the MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success program!



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