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MDS 3.0 / Medicare Personal Consultation Subscription Plan

Joel VanEatonThe creator of several nationally known best selling MDS educational and staff development programs Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT is ready to personally go to work for your nursing facility!

Have your own special long-term care consultant available when and where you need him.
Joel Vaneaton has over 16 years experience in the Long-Term Care Industry serving as a facility MDS coordinator and as the MDS, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Consultant to several nursing facilities nationwide. Joel also teamed up with the Georgia Health Care Association since 2010 touring the state to give a series of seminars on the changes in MDS 3.0 and RUG-IV. Joel has also done numerous national webinars on a variety of important MDS/RAI/PPS topics. He's also the MDS 3.0 product creator and education coordinator for Extended Care Products Inc., and has developed such critically-acclaimed programs as It’s Time to Get Going with MDS 3.0-RUG IV and MDS 3.0-RUG IV Strategies for Success. Nursing facilities from across the country have invested in these programs and have raved about their attention to detail and easy-to-follow information.

Now limited to only the first three facilities or nursing facility ownership/management companies that respond,
Joel has agreed to work with a select few that wish to increase their awareness and understanding of several key issues which make a huge difference in a nursing facility’s success and financial well-being. 

“Joel VanEaton wants to help people do the best job possible for their nursing homes.  As a nurse himself, he understands the frustrations we sometimes go through in trying to understand the complexities of things such as MDS and Medicare.  Joel is able to make things easy to understand.  He has the rare gift of being both an outstanding teacher and communicator.”

Cheryl Meyers, RN, MDS Coordinator, Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home, Augusta, GA

Experience the value of up-to-date consultation related to a variety of helpful LTC topics including;

  • MDS 3.0
  • Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement
  • Notifications (ABN, Expedited Determination Notices etc.)
  • Medical Review
  • DME
  • And much more

Joel VanEaton’s Extended Care Products MDS 3.0/Medicare Personal Consultation Subscription Plan offers the following:

  • Unlimited phone calls to Joel
  • Unlimited emails to Joel
  • Unlimited faxes to Joel
  • Plus you get one scheduled conference call each month to discuss your most pressing questions and review strategies, tips and techniques- a must for any nursing facility and/or nursing facility management/ownership group wanting to stay on top of all the complexities in MDS 3.0 and Medicare.

“Joel has been a wonderful asset to our nursing facility’s success over the years. His wisdom and direction have been invaluable.  I can’t imagine going through the challenges we face in MDS, Medicaid, and other areas if we didn’t have Joel to call on as our consultant.”
Mandy Rocker, Executive Director, Agape Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Johnson City, TN

These personal consultations with Joel VanEaton also provide a wonderful opportunity for new MDS nurses in facilities to get up to speed in learning and understand the complexities of the MDS process, as well as those nurses already involved to sharpen their skills!

Best of all, Joel VanEaton’s Extended Care Products MDS 3.0 Medicare Personal Consultant

Subscription Plan is offered at a tremendous value! 

A single nursing facility may subscribe
– Investment: $150.00/month

Multi- facility representative
(here if your management company/ownership group has more than one facility you designate one representative for Joel to consult with, and he or she is then able to pass along Joel’s guidance and recommendations to all of your buildings) – Investment: $175.00/month

Multi-Facility representatives
(here every building in your chain may have a representative speak with Joel) – Investment $140.00 per facility/month

This subscription program is automatically renewed every six months unless otherwise instructed by your facility, management company/ownership group.  If for any reason, you’re not satisfied you may cancel at the end of each six-month period simply by letting us know at info@extendedcareproducts.com or toll-free at 1-800-807-4553.  Please remember that if your consulting spot is vacated, you forfeit your place and it will be offered to another facility, management company/ownership group with the great likelihood it will be filled.  Thus Mr. VanEaton and Extended Care Products, Inc. cannot guarantee your consulting position will be available if you decide to return in the future.   



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