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Jeff Forrester, Web Developer

You're not a restaurant, or a furniture store or a place that sells clothing ... you're a unique healthcare center! Shouldn't your Web site reflect the fact that your nursing or assisted living facility offers specialized care and services to your region and community, and not look like every other cookie-cutter web site out there?

In this day and age, your facility's Web site serves as your facility's calling card and "magnet" for telling your story, and most of all for attracting new families and residents to help build your census. Research shows that more folks than ever are going to the internet to learn more about the caregiving options available for their loved ones.

Do you want to make sure your Web site is remarkable enough so that visitors are motivated to want to discover even more about what your facility has to offer?

Extended Care Products, Inc. is pleased to have teamed up with America's leading nursing and assisted living facility Web Designer Jeff Forrester to present the "Done for You" Web Site Service.

Jeff has over 16 years experience in the Web design field. He was on the ground floor of the internet explosion, and has been there every step of the way through the latest innovations and refinements. His Web site design talents and creativity lead the way among his peers.

"When it came time to design the Extended Care Products Web site, I could've chosen anyone across the United States for the job. In doing my research there was one name that kept coming up and it was that of Jeff Forrester. He's met and exceeded all my expectations. Every request and challenge I've given him has been accomplished. Here's something you may not know, besides designing the very Web site you're now on, Extended Care Products has 11 other Web sites geared to various programs and services we provide to our healthcare clients, and Jeff has designed every one of them. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else!"
Chip Kessler, General Manager, Extended Care Products, Inc.

Because of his long-standing relationship with Extended Care Products, Jeff has developed a keen scene of the nursing facility and assisted living community environment. He has already provided Web site design for many Extended Care Products personal consulting client healthcare facilities, and now is ready to lend his time and talents to deliver you a dynamic, eye-catching and personally appealing presence on the World Wide Web! Your building deserves nothing less. The Extended Care Products "Done for You" Web Site Service includes:

  • A personally done re-design of your Web site to capture the excitement of your assisted living or nursing facility and the dedicated, professional care your provide to your residents. We tell your story like no one else can!
  • For those who don't yet have a Web site, you receive a great design - plus if you need any of the following we can help: assistance in selecting just the right domain name, registering your new domain name, and receiving Web hosting for it
  • As we move forward, a personal consultation with Jeff Forrester so he can learn your wants and needs to best incorporate these things with his vision for your site
  • A system incorporated into your Web site where you will then be able to go into it  to make any revisions such as adding/changing photos, updating an activity calendar, and other areas to keep your site fresh
  • The option of adding or revising a Facebook page
  • The option of Search Engine Optimization to maximize your building's presence on search engines such as Google or Bing to make sure people are finding your Web site in a timely fashion

We believe every Web site is unique and thus every Web site project is special. You may want to use video on your site, add a couple or several additional pages for information about what you have to offer today, as the saying goes - the sky's the limit! Because of this, we offer you the opportunity to tell us what you're exactly looking for and to brainstorm additional possibilities in a free consultation. After this we'll thoroughly review your project and then provide you with a quote as to your investment. Here you may give us the go-ahead to proceed or if not then we part friends.

Why not give us a call at 1-800-807-4553 to discuss the possibilities or e-mail us at chip@ecpnews.net to review what our "Done for You" Web Site Service can do for you. You have nothing to lose and a fabulous Web site to gain!

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