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Done for You Graphic Design, Print, and Mail Services

Many nursing and assisted living facility professionals are just too busy these days to put the time and effort into designing marketing brochures or flyers, business cards, and other important print pieces. These are needed items in your building; however who wants to oversee that the job gets done correctly every step-of-the-way? Problem solved! (more)

Extended Care Products, the leader in nursing and assisted living programs and services since 2002 is now making the very graphic design and printing professionals we've used for the past 16 years available to meet your needs, large or small. Need something mailed? Our team can do that too! Free price quotes are available for your project(s). Plus as part of our service, each job comes with our complimentary “concierge” services. Here we personally work with you, first to determine your particular needs on a piece, and then to make sure your expectations are met on the final product. We're not just a design, print, (and/or) mail house factory. We become your partner so that you get what you need in a timely and expert fashion.

FYI: Need a newspaper ad developed and designed, or an on-line advertisement - we can do this too! Likewise, want a radio or television commercial written- we've done it and can come through for you! We can even search out the best media outlets in your region to work with.

Why not fill out the contact form on this page, or call us at 800-807-4553 to discuss your requirements. Fast and affordable, Extended Care Products is ready to be of service!

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