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Setting Realistic Expectations® For Assisted Living Communities

Most new admitting families have no understanding about the day-to-day aspects of life in an assisted living facility. Many folks believe it means "24/7 around-the-clock care" and that all of their loved one's problems are now solved because the new resident is now in your building.

Accordingly here are some important comments from one of our nation's leading nursing and assisted living facility defense attorneys, Rebecca Adelman, who knows all too well the physical, emotional and potential financial toll a lawsuit against your facility takes:

"Most residents and families do not know what to expect at an assisted living or skilled nursing community and, therefore, may have unrealistic expectations. At the same time, they may be experiencing emotions such as grief, guilt , fear and anger, which can set the stage for conflict.  Setting realistic expectations through a formal program to include the Extended Care Products education programming will significantly reduce the chances and opportunities for residents and family members filing a formal lawsuit. There must be a full understanding of the realities of long term care living including risks. Your comprehensive risk management programs should include training for staff and education for residents and families to set realistic expectations."
Rebecca Adelman, PLLC, Founding Partner, Hagwood Adelman Tipton, PC

The 17-minute Setting Realistic Expectations® for Assisted Living Communities DVD program is shown to new admitting families during the admissions process, and then they're given a copy to share with other relatives and keep for future reference.  The program helps those interested in the resident's well-being to better understand about nursing facility care, and to have reasonable expectations.

Setting Realistic Expectations® for Assisted Living Communities

  • Prevents the kinds of misunderstandings about your care and services that can lead to anger when an incident occurs … anger that often results in litigation filed against your assisted living facility from the hungry hoard of lawsuit lawyers out there looking for every opportunity to sue you
  • Helps families to realize why certain situations (falls, weight loss, etc.) occur, despite your best of intentions, while the resident is in your facility
  • Gives viewers the knowledge and confidence that your facility wants the very best for the residents in your care, and that you'll do everything reasonably possible to make their stay as comfortable as you can

"I like the fact that the video really reflects what goes on in an assisted living community. Everything is very accurate right down to the people and the building shown. The DVD gives everyone a much better idea of what to expect. They'll discover the type of service they're buying and understand what the assisted living community is and isn't capable of delivering."
John Berkley, Associate VP, Lutheran Social Services of the South

Several state healthcare associations, assisted living defense attorneys, insurers, assisted living facility management companies, risk management experts, and ALF executives/professionals have endorsed the video program and recommend its use.

Topics covered in the presentation include: 

  • Understanding the Changes
  • Resident's Freedom of Movement
  • The Assisted Living Difference
  • The Resident and His or Her Physician
  • Nutrition and Hydration                             
  • Trustworthiness of People
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Financial Aspects
  • The Truth About Aging

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Watch a sample by clicking the "Play" button below:

Pricing Chart for Setting Realistic Expectations,
Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities
And Care Plans: The Most Important Person

***Please note that you may mix and match any of these three video programs or order just one title in order to receive the lower pricing. Please tell us if you're a member of a state healthcare association or a GuideOne Insurance policyholder in the on-line comments box on the shopping cart page as you may be eligible for a pricing discount.

Total # of Programs Price Per Program
1-4 Video Programs $89.95
5-9 $21.95
10-24 $19.95
25-49 $17.95
50-99 $15.95
100+ $13.95

Shipping & Handling Chart For Video Programs

Total # of Programs Shipping and Handling
1 $7.95
2 $8.95
3 $9.95
4 $10.95
5 $12.00
6-10 $15.00
11-20 $20.00
21-30 $25.00
31-40 $30.00
41-49 $35.00
On orders of 50 or more video programs, we're pleased to pay your shipping & handling charges.



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